Family Events & Theme Days

Upcoming Theme Days

New Years

Monday, Dec. 30 – Jersey Day: any team, any jersey
Tuesday, Dec. 31 – Holiday Cheer/NYE festivities: use your old decorations, tinsel, hats, get creative
Wednesday, Jan. 1 – Animals Day: costumes, animal print clothing, hats
Thursday, Jan. 2 – Favourite Occupation Day (dress-up like an astronaut, nurse/doctor, teacher, fireman, professional athlete, etc…) The sky is the limit.
Friday, Jan. 3 – Onesies/PJ day: this one is simple 😊

March Break

Monday, March 16 – Crazy Hat Day: decorate your helmet
Tuesday, March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day: anything green
Wednesday, March 18 – Beach/Pirate Day: Hawaiian shirts, bathing suits, hats, costumes
Thursday, March 19 – Retro Day: anything from any era
Friday, March 20 – Twin/Team Day: pick a friend or family member and dress-up however you want to match each other. Even if it’s just matching colours.