Goggles - Zeal Optics - Adult

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Portal / Portal XL / Hatchet

Zeal offers an optimum collection with advanced lens technology because they know that having the right lens can change your day entirely. Optimum blocks 100% of harmful UV rays and comes standard with blue light filters, Everclear Anti-Fog and Permashield Hardcoat. These goggles come with the patented Rail Lock System which features a rimless frame design for unsurpassed peripheral vision and a dual sliding rail system that guides, slides, and locks your lens in place anywhere on the mountain.  Low light lens included.


Zeal also offers a polarized collection that not only includes the benefits of the optimum collection, but offers extra protection with Hydro/Oleo on mirrored lenses, Premium Japanese polarized film, 95%+ Polarized to cut glare and eliminate eye fatigue, blocks 95% HEV light, and boosts color for better definition and detail.