Open Letter to Ontario Health Minister and Ontario Premier

We have attempted to reach our Elected Officials with this message, but have yet to receive dialogue.

In a time where the biggest concern of the Province of Ontario is to reduce indoor gatherings, maximizing outdoor opportunities for families should be a high priority.

On Friday Jan 8/21, Premier Ford stated that Ski Hills are “the last thing on his mind”. Yet all other Canadian Provinces have acknowledged that is important for the ski industry to remain open even during lockdowns to provide citizens with safe outdoor recreation.

On Jan 6/21 when Quebec Premier Legault announced their Provincial Shutdown he continued to recognize the importance of supporting outdoor activities and has advised participants to drive straight to their chosen activity and straight home afterwards. This makes sense.

We do not want to deny safe outdoor physical activities, sports and exercise to our community any longer.

For the sake of our community’s overall health, we are urging Premier Ford, Minister Christine Elliot and their advisors to allow community ski hills in Ontario to reopen for the remainder of this Shutdown. We believe this will improve thousands of people’s lives, and greatly reduce the indoor gatherings that have triggered the large outbreak numbers in some area of the Province.


Mount Pakenham Directors

Jan 8, 2021