Safety & Risk Awareness


The use of commercial drones is only permitted with the express written consent of Mount Pakenham Resort. The use of any personal drones is strictly prohibited. Violation of this policy may result in a warning, eviction from the property or being charged with trespassing.

We want you to have a safe and enjoyable experience on our trails. Safety needs to be a priority for every guest at our resort. Please take a moment to review the Alpine Responsibility Code prior to your visit to Mount Pakenham.

Please consider the following safety tips when you head out for a day of skiing or snowboarding:

  • Always wear a helmet! A properly fitted helmet can help reduce the possibility of a concussion in the event of a fall.

For information on concussion awareness, please see the Government of Ontario’s page on Concussion Safety & Rowan's Law

  • Review a trail map. Ski each run according to your level.
  • Respect the different levels and abilities of others on the slopes.
  • Take a lesson.
  • Be aware of other skiers and snowboarders and keep a safe distance between you and others.
  • Stay focused and always concentrate on your next move.
  • Do not attempt another run if you are tired or injured.
  • Wear clothing appropriate to the weather and activity you are participating in.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day and eat a light snack or meal before hitting the trails.
  • Maintain your equipment regularly to ensure that it is functioning properly. Do not borrow a friends skis without having the bindings adjusted for your height, weight and ability. 


Please take time to know and understand the signage that you will encounter on-hill. All guests should be aware of and understand these signs. These signs are posted for the safety of our guests and are to be adhered to.

Trail Designation Meanings Trail Icons:
Slow Banner: Posted daily in slow skiing areas, areas where both beginners and the more advanced guests share hill space, and blind merges.
Merge Banner: Posted in locations where trails merge with one another. Often accompanied by a slow banner.
Caution Markers (vertical bamboo markers): Used to mark a number of different hazards such as bare spots, snowmaking, etc.
Closed Ribbon: On occasion trails need to be closed, these are marked with “CLOSED” Ribbon or bright orange ribbon. When ribbon is across a trail entrance, that trail is closed and Out of Bounds.
Glades Signage: Glade skiing is only permitted in designated areas. See resort trail map for Glade Skiing locations.

Glades Expert Terrain May Contain:

  • Hidden Natural Obstacles
  • Narrow Stretches
  • Sudden Direction Change
  • Blind Corners
  • Natural ungroomed snow conditions which may include exposed rocks

This area is not patrolled and not lit at night. Skiing or riding out of control can cause catastrophic injuries and even death. Ski and ride with extreme caution.

We approve the use of the following sliding devices at Mount Pakenham under the circumstances noted below;

  • Skis must have a p-tex base and metal edges. Bindings must have either a braking device or strap around the legs.

  • Snowboards must have a p-tex base and metal edges. 

  • Snow Blades must have a p-tex base and metal edges. Bindings must have either a braking device or strap around the legs.

  • Dual Snowboards must have a leash for each foot.

  • Snow Skates allowed but must have a leash and be able to ride off the lift. NO WALKING off lifts permitted. 

 The following sliding devices are not permitted at Mount Pakenham;

  • Snow Bikes, toboggans/sleds and such other devices as Mount Pakenham may determine, are not permitted anywhere on-hill at Mount Pakenham.

 **Carrying children in baby carriers is strictly forbidden while skiing or riding.**

**We also do not allow bags or backpacks to be worn while riding the chairlifts.**

Guests who visit Mount Pakenham should be well-versed on how to use the various lifts on site. If you are not sure how to safely load and unload from a lift, please ask a Lift Attendant.  Lift staff and Ski patrollers will spend time monitoring use and educating guests accordingly.

LOOK: Behind for chair coming in.
LOAD: Ski pole straps should be removed from wrist, held in one hand allowing a free hand and sit in chair.
LOWER: Lower the bar promptly. The bar must remain down until indicated at the top to lift.
LIFT: Raise bar once instructed to do so by the “Raise Restraining Device” sign at the top of the lift.
STAND: Once at unload ramp, stand and unload safely.
LEAVE: Clear ramp area quickly to alleviate congestion around unload ramp.

Follow the warning / removal policy as required. Horseplay in lift line or on lift will not be tolerated.

All treed, ribboned and fenced areas are deemed out of bounds unless otherwise posted. For your safety, and the safety of others, please respect all posted signs and Alpine responsibility Code. Skiers and Snowboarders caught out of bounds may be subject to ticket removal, and / or trespassing charges.

**In case of emergency, please communicate immediately with a Mount Pakenham employee**

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Updated 07/2023