Personal Responsibility Code

At Mount Pakenham, our priority is to get you safely on the slopes!

Guest & Employee safety has always been critical to Mount Pakenham operations. This 2020-21 winter season we all have many new considerations. We are diligently addressing new guidelines regarding the guest experience and ask that all guests acknowledge some important personal responsibilities before using our outdoor recreational facility:

1) Dress appropriately for the weather - be prepared to spend your visit OUTDOORS

2) Plan to use your vehicle for bag storage and booting up

3) Don't forget to EAT - pocket-sized snacks can be a great back-up if our BarBQ & Cafeteria Take-Out lines are longer than usual

4) Be self aware about changes to your health. Stay home if you have unexplainable COVID-19 symptoms or have reason to suspect recent COVID-19 exposure

5) Please keep "spectators" to a minimum (valid Lift or Snowshoe Trail Pass may be required past the Parking Lot).

6) Bring face coverings that align with health unit recommendations, and practice physical distancing

7) As always, know the Alpine Responsibility Code - ski/board in control and within your abilities

8) Those purchasing Rental Equipment, Lessons and/or Season Passes - waivers must be reviewed and signed IN ADVANCE to minimize time spent at our ticket counters and rental shop

9) Consider more weekday and evening visits

10) Please be kind and respectful to your fellow skiers/boarders and Mount Pakenham employees

Skiing & Snowboarding has an inherent assumption of risk; all public spaces have an inherent risk of COVID-19 exposure. By following the Personal Responsibility Code above we can work together to minimize these risks for everyone while getting fresh air and doing outdoor activities that we love!

Please see our COVID-19 Response for updates on our new measures (including new outside ticket windows). Any questions can be directed to or our office 613-624-5290 x0.

Updated Nov 17, 2020