What Will Be Different?

February 16, 2021 updates:

  • We welcome our community for exercise and physical activity!
  • Limited indoor seating is reserved for those with food purchases.
    We require CONTACT TRACING for those seated in the Lodge via QR code on your phone or by clicking here
  • Plan to use vehicle as Base Lodge (boot up, eat, warm up)
    Those getting dropped off must be prepared to remain OUTSIDE and may need to consider shorter visits. Indoor use is still limited.
  • We ask that socializing please be done OUTSIDE, with Protocols respected - NO GATHERING INDOORS with those outside your household.
  • NO Spectators
    Valid Lift ticket or Season Pass required, along with ski/snowboard equipment
  • Bag Storage currently allowed, please do not linger in the Lodge
  • Limited # of Lift Tickets & Rentals - pre-book here - we cannot guarantee walk-ups if you have not pre-purchased. Please confirm lift ticket has been pre-purchased before renting equipment.

    Updated chairlift protocols from the Ontario Government permits different households on a chairlift with 1 empty seat between guests.
    This means a single skier/rider may ride with a group of two or another single, provided there is an empty space between them.

    Takeout Food Options, Ticket Window, & Washrooms

🟡 Dec 13, 2020 updates:

  • All socializing to be done outside - not in Lodge
  • No refunds if you cannot follow rules RE: masks, social distancing & Lodge use (please inform all members in your family if you are dropping them off that they must stay out of lodge except for quick breaks)
  • Each person seated inside lodge (purchased food / quick warm up) must complete contact tracing form by QR code next to table. 

Covid Protocols - Dec 4, 2020

We may need to follow temporary changes and protocols this season to address health and safety regulations. The following list is not exhaustive and is subject to change.

  • Physical Distancing is required whenever possible.
  • Face coverings will be required outside in all situations where physical distancing cannot be achieved. This includes in lift lines, while loading chairlifts, in the Beginner Centre, while in a Lesson, and while lining for the BBQ, ticket window and outdoor washrooms.
  • Outside ticket windows available.
  • PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE APPROPRIATELY DRESSED FOR THE TEMPERATURE & WEATHER - be prepared for line-ups that are outside of the lodge.
  • We ask that you please store bags and boot up in your vehicle.
  • Less seating available in the lodge to address physical distancing so we ask that our guests minimize time spent in the lodge/cafeteria.
  • Face coverings are required indoors at all times, even while seated, except while eating or drinking. This includes washrooms and while purchasing food, as well as in our Rental Shop.
  • BBQ open most days with outside picnic tables available for those who have purchased food.
  • Cafeteria to have Grab-n-Go takeout food and drinks. If no tables are available (indoor or outdoor), you may have to eat in your vehicle.  
  • Indoor seating will be reserved for food & drink purchases only, with a recommended time limit. Guests seated and eating/drinking will be required to enter Contact information via a QR code.
  • Picnic Lunches (full coolers, crockpots) will not be accommodated inside the Lodge or on outside picnic tables.
  • Rental equipment will need to be pre-purchased online with waiver completed before arrival. 
  • Cleaning of touch-points, washrooms and rental equipment will be enhanced.
  • Hand sanitizer available inside doors and at touch-points.
  • No water fountain available this winter.
  • Season Pass or Lift Ticket must be clearly visible to staff while loading lifts.
  • We will sell date-specific 4-hour day tickets in advance.
  • Daily monitoring of all employees to ensure they are free of symptoms.  All employees will wear the required personal protective equipment and will be trained on health protocols related to COVID-19.
  • Please see updated cancellation policies.

    If restrictions are strengthened:
    • Spectators (with no valid lift or snowshoe trail pass) may not be allowed past the parking lot.  We will allow 1 non-skiing parent/guardian on the hill side of Lodge to be available for young lesson or program participants
    • Lift Tickets may become more limited and require pre-purchase.
    • It may be necessary to keep your ski day short to avoid coming in the lodge.
    • Guests may not be allowed to eat or lounge inside the lodge. The lodge may only be available for shelter to warm up and to use the washrooms with limited access time. Outdoor tables will still be available for those with food/drink purchases.
    • Season Passholders may need to check in at ticket office before proceeding to lifts. All visitors to Mount Pakenham may be required to enter Contact information & a COVID screening questionnaire via a QR code.

We are passionately working to offer outdoor recreation to our local community this winter. Please be aware that our ability to open in 2020/21 is dependent on the Federal, Provincial & Health Unit response to Covid-19.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death, especially for senior citizens and individuals with underlying medical conditions. By visiting our resort, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.