Private SNOWBOARD Lesson (All Ages)

1hr Private Snowboard Lesson (All ages - All abilities)


$89.00 – $128.00 per person


About this experience

A private lesson is a great way to fast track your learning!

Additional timeslots will be released every Monday throughout the season.

1 Person Lesson (all ages):
One on One sessions last 55 minutes and are available for ages 3 to Adult of any ability.

2 Person Lesson (ages 6+):  Both students must be over the age of 6yrs to participate in a semi-private lesson and must be similar in age and ability. To maximize learning, we strongly suggest separate lessons if participants are not at the same ability level. Semi Private Lessons are NOT available for students ages 3-5yrs

By purchasing this product, you are reserving a snowboard instructor for the selected date/time - Hill Pass and Equipment is NOT included in this booking and must be added separately.  There will be specific Add-On options for 1 Person Lessons and 2 Person Lessons. Please make sure you select the appropriate Hill pass for the age of the participant.

Lessons are booked by level of ability.  Please select based on the criteria below:
Never Snowboarded Before -> First time on snowboard
Beginner -----------> Can control speed and direction change on heel and toe edge
Intermediate -------> Can execute novice sliding turns
Advanced ----------> Can exectue carved turns / can explore mountain proficiently


NON-REFUNDABLE | DATES NOT TRANSFERABLE - PLEASE REVIEW ALL CANCELLATION POLICIES PRIOR TO BOOKING By booking this lesson, you are committing to this lesson date & time. Cancellations are subject to Cancellation Fees and 10% processing fee. We will not reschedule your lesson, you may re-book online at another time if availability permits.

Lessons are often held in inclement weather conditions.  It is extremely rare that Mount Pakenham will cancel lessons due to cold or other weather related reason. If weather is questionable, please refer to the CANCELLATIONS & POSTPONEMENTS page or Homepage for resort updates.

Please Note: All lesson participants are required to purchase a lift ticket for the lesson unless they have a Season Pass.