Becoming a Teaching Assistant

Designed as a bridge program for youth age 12-13 (skiers) & 12-14 (snowboarders) who are looking for something more than our regular snowschool programs, but are not old enough to attain the level 1 instructor certification.

*Skiers aged 14+ & snowboarders 15+ are encouraged to take their level 1 instructor certification course. Please see below for more information to become an instructor.

Our youth development program, “Teaching Assistant” (TA) continues to be the perfect way for youth skiers and snowboarders to:

-  Improve technically;

- Develop confident communication and interpersonal skills;

- Gain hands-on experience;

- Prepare to become a certified ski/snowboarding professional;

 The benefits of becoming a TA:

 -  Ski and ride with a discounted season pass;

 - Assistants are considered ‘volunteers’ not ‘workers’. They will receive regular on-snow training at no cost, discounts in our cafeteria on days scheduled to assist and may be remunerated at the end of the season based on hours committed.

 Eligibility to become a TA:

  • Must be age 13-14 (12yr old's may be eligible depending on program needs) 

  • Outgoing

  • Novice+ skier/boarder

  • Enjoys interacting & playing with children

  • Punctual, Responsible, and dependable;

  • Register for the mandatory “Youth Instructor & Teaching Assistant Program”

$132.00( first year rate/3 days) or $80.00 (2 yr +/ 2 days) – Dec 18-20, 2021

  • Attend entire on-snow training

  • Complete and submit homework assignments

  • Complete and submit TA commitment forms

  • Ability to commit to a minimum of 1 day per weekend Jan to Mar.

Throughout the 3-day on snow course, TA's will be coached, guided and shown tactics & techniques to improve their own skiing/riding, while also taught how to assist children how to ski/ride. They will be evaluated over the 3 days, & those who meet the TA requirements may be asked to participate in up to 10-hour apprentice training, assisting our certified Instructors. The TA will track his/her hours throughout the season; this is easily done with our TA journals & sign-in/out sheets. 

*Due to Covid-19, the apprentice portion of the program may need to be modified throughout the season. However improvement sessions/training will continue to occur. Please see below*

 Ongoing Ski/Rider Improvement Training

Included in the price of the TA program is the opportunity to receive weekly 1hr improvement “sessions” with some of our more qualified Snow School Pros.  “Sessioning” is skiing/riding improvement training and takes place regularly on weekends throughout the season.  TAs are highly encouraged to participate in this sessioning, as it will continue to develop their technical and teaching skills. Timing will be decided at a later date.

Please review our Covid-19 policies for this season- we have limited seating in our lodge this year, face coverings are required in the lodge, while loading lifts and while assisting with lessons.

If you have any other questions please contact:

The Snow School Team                                                                        

Mount Pakenham                                                               

613.624.5290 x231                                           

*On the direction of the National Organizations, any 14yr old skiers or 15yr old snowboarders with intermediate skiing/riding skills are eligible to take part in the Level 1 certification course. No prior teaching experience is required. Teaching experience and opportunities is given while on course. For further questions regarding the certification courses or instructor positions in our snowschool, please contact,
  updated 08/2021