Clifford Race Program

The Clifford Race Program is a fast-paced, 10-week program, with a min of 2hrs/week, where your child will put loads of mileage on their skis!  With friendly energetic coaches, and fresh air, Mount Pakenham’s coaches are equipped to offer your child a safe, fun learning environment.  Your child will receive a season’s worth of individual feedback to improve personal goals.  Fun races are scheduled to offer participants the opportunity to race in a team environment and to measure their own individual progress throughout the season!

Skiers must be able to ski the terrain that is accessed from the chairlift with minimal assistance and can ride the chairlift without any adult assistance. 

‘Racers’ will spend minimum 2 hours each training day on snow in a group with other athletes of similar age & ability.

As your child progresses through the Clifford program they will learn to enjoy more performance from their skis, gaining confidence & performance in gates and on steeper terrain.  ‘Racers’ will learn to coordinate their movements and steering ability to move quickly on steeper hills, over rolling terrain, bumps and through brushes and/or gates. They will spend more time on challenging terrain and will learn to have confidence at higher speeds, on ice, in moguls and jumps.  Upon completion of the Clifford Race program, students will be proficient, versatile skiers and ready to join their high school race team, should they wish.

Note:  Race days will be scheduled and determined closer to the start of program. 

The Clifford Race Program is offered at either:

9:30am -11:30am OR 12:30pm - 2:30pm for 10 weeks

Start Date: Saturday December 31, 2022

Please arrive at least 1 hour prior to lesson time (earlier if you are renting equipment or need to pick up your season pass).  Details regarding Day 1 of the program will be emailed closer to the start date.

updated 09/2022